December 3, 2021

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Remember that old saying that you never know the value of what you have until you lose it? Joe Robinette Biden is America’s version of a nightmare set to remind Americans how bad we are in history class.
To think that we sold a porsche in Trump to buy an auto reverse tricycle called Biden is a little bemusing considering the trajectory in recent times.
Aside from Biden’s disastrous handling of the border, COVID-19 recovery and the economy, his footprints in Afghanistan is irrefutable proof of the laughingstock he has somehow managed to turn the once respected global force to within the past 8 months.
America no longer has the respect of its allies thanks to Joe Biden. UK Parliament only last month in an emergency session questioned their longstanding policy of aligning with the United States on major global issues following Biden’s dismal handling of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative lawmaker and chairman of UK parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee described Biden’s conduct as shameful.
What’s more shocking and prevalent for the international community is Biden’s array of arsenal, Commander-in-chief of world’s most revered – most powerful force and his decision to withdraw his military before his citizens – A further reminder of what Biden’s priorities are.
As terrible as this is, Biden keeps professing to the international community that ‘America is back’. You would want to ask, back to what exactly?
The Wall Street Journal notes that Biden’s desperate attempts to appeal to international fora in his speech at the 76th United Nations’ General Assembly was a diverge from reality. The news tabloid described Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan as a willy-nilly act. The gory sights of humans dangling from a United States Air Force plane remains vivid and is a constant reminder of Biden’s barbarism in Afghanistan.
It remains to be seen if the international community will forget.

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