December 3, 2021

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If it weren’t for the United Nations emblem on the Assembly hall of the historic UN building in New York, you would almost mistake its 76th ongoing General Assembly high level sessions as a gathering of rogues to conspire on how to devour their only prey, Israel. Never in history of the General Assembly have we had such arrant disrespect from a body which from all moral standards is expected to be an unbiased arbiter in international disputes.
From the so called Durban Declaration otherwise known as Durban IV conference to the allocation of very questionable amount of time to the ‘State of Palestine’ on Friday to verbally attack Israel repeatedly – The barrage of conspiracies against Israel in the UN never seems to stop.
Recall the countless UN resolutions condemning Israel but never for once condemning China for its numerous human rights abuse nor Islamic Republic of Iran for its terrorist escapades. The UN is more or less a rogue union. A noble union hijacked by islamic extremists to perpetrate hate and disseminate falsehood.
Thankfully, about 37 nations were wise enough to see through the deceit of the extremists who had turned the Durban IV declaration on racism and global injustice to a platform for antisemitism and attack on Israel. These 37 nations including Hungary and Poland were conspicuously absent, boycotting the Durban IV conference on Wednesday 22 September. Swedish Ambassador to Israel Erik Ullenhag said his country didn’t participate in the high-level meeting marking the 20th anniversary of the Durban Declaration because “Sweden stands firm in the fight against racism and antisemitism in all its forms.”
It’s astonishing that most of the nations that bought the narrative peddled by the extremists that Palestine land was stolen from them by Israel do not care to pause for a moment to decipher the rhetoric: How true is it that Palestine land was stolen from them? Who are the aggressors in the region in question? Who are the apostles of democracy, human rights and good governance in the Middle East. Sadly, all these countries do is accept every lie peddled by the extremists hook, line, and sinker.
The threats by Mahmoud Abbas – the leader of Palestine – in the pre-recorded UN address on Friday for Israel to vacate alleged Palestinian territory in the next 1 year or leave Palestinians no choice but to take laws in their hands is the height of the impunity and roguish disposition of the United Nations. For nearly 10 minutes, the Assembly in rather unusual turn of events had to wait in silence while the UN tech team tried repeatedly to play the pre-recorded hate speech of the Palestinian leader.
While the facts abound that Jerusalem from time immemorial belongs to the Jews, the United Nations for some unexplainable reason continues to believe the lie peddled by extremists that Jerusalem must be divided for a two State solution to thrive. No capital city in the world has a shared capital. Washington isn’t divided. Moscow, Beijing, London, Mecca and Vatican aren’t. Why should we divide Jerusalem the Jewish capital?
With the open threats from Iran to obliterate Israel, one can’t help but wonder what Tehran would do if they open an Embassy in East Jerusalem. If they could covertly fund and support terror against Israel including the bombing of Israeli ships and building of tunnels by Palestinians to infiltrate Israel, what would Iran do when it lies in same capital with Israel?
Israel and countries of good conscience should stand firm and object to this nonsense. The Jews have suffered enough annihilation in history and deserve some respite and peace. From the days of the Roman conquest to Hitler’s gasing of over 6 million Jews, Jews have never known peace.
As the United Nations continues its deliberations including climax of its high levels and commencement of debates and committee sessions, its incumbent upon the organisation to bear in mind its historic responsibility of neutrality in arbitration and fact driven mandate. It mustn’t continue to condescend to cheap propaganda and ploy by extremists to arouse emotions and sentiments. Empirical facts including the Cyrus cylinder discovered in Iraqi and examined by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour bear credence that the Jews own Jerusalem.
Consequently, the United Nations must understand that for viability and practicability of a two State solution, Jerusalem the Jewish eternal capital must never be divided.

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