January 24, 2022

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The world stood in shock and awe as the nation of Afghanistan fell, province by province in utter humiliation of America and her allies. America went into this war following the attacks on the Twin Towers of the world trade centre and the Pentagon by Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorists, plunging the world into what seems to be the 20th century version of the Vietnamese war. The gains of the past 20 years by past Presidents of the United States just disappeared in a matter of minutes under Joe Biden’s watch, as the world watched Kabul fall into the hands of a deadly sect, the Taliban, and those lost limbs, the death of American, British, NATO servicemen now all made in vain, thanks to the irresponsible withdrawal of US troops prematurely by sleepy Joe Biden.

The Taliban has celebrated victory while Joe Biden was left to lick up his wounds and this loss was evident following the inevitable announcement by the recent Isis-K suicide attack at the Hamid Karzai International Airport proving that the 20 years mission was fruitless.

What Israel should learn from this case study is clear, America is no more a reliable partner under Joe Biden. The entire world even!, the same allies Joe Biden announced when he took over office through some means that “America is Back” no longer see the United States as a trustworthy partner. In fact, the United Kingdom is reviewing their special relationship status they’ve enjoyed under past preseidents of the United States, and as the most closest ally and partner of the US after Joe Biden disappointed them when he refused the UK’s request to secure an extension to the 31st of August pull-out date to enable them remove all UK nationals.

The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett should learn not to trust Joe Biden when it comes to the security of Israel and the Palestinian discussion. Israel must double down to rejected this dangerous two-state policy touted by Mr Biden for years. The Libyan case should be the litmus test for Israel because the same Biden and the then former president Obama’s incompetence destroyed what is left of Libya, Iraq and now Afghanistan. They have re-hired into this new government the same bunch of unreliable officials and administrators from the last Obama regime that made America a laughing stock in world politics. Now they want to ressurrect the Iranian nuclear deal.

It is a point to note and consider seriously by Israel following the fall of Afghanistan, Biden’s speech to the Americans made it clear he wants to re-focus only on what he described as modern day threats like Russia and China, and has not prioritised Middle East peace or anything else. Until this Biden’s administration is gone there is nothing to be hopeful about when it comes to the Israeli-American partnership. Israel must watch with careful eyes.

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