August 13, 2022

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Will Bennett Bow To Biden’s Two-State Solution?


Kabul has just been bombed when U.S President Joe Biden welcomed Naftali Bennett, the current Israeli Prime Minister to the White House. As the corpses of the 13 U.S. military officers bombed in Afghanistan made its way back to the arms of waiting families in the US, Biden sat close to Bennett in the White House, wearing an expressionless face while reciting stale military eulogies and condolences.

Both leaders wore masks, primarily because of COVID-19 and secondarily due to the repugnant stench of Biden’s failure all over the White House.

The crux of this first meeting for both leaders centered on COVID-19’s new delta variant, US military support for Israel, Iran’s growing nuclear aspirations and the Israeli-palestinian conflict. Biden, during his flaccid campaign last year, declared his support for a two-state solution — which simply means dividing Jerusalem, the current capital of Israel, into two with a part for the Palestinians. By the time it was Bennett’s turn to speak, the unapologetic right-winged leader was swift to remind Biden of the eternally indivisible nature of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The failure of Biden and the fall of Afghanistan has shown that no Arab nation with a significant presence of terrorists should be granted democratic freedom to run itself. Such a nation will most likely slip back into the hands of ruthless terrorists who oddly attract needless pity from their brothers and sisters.

If after 20 years, the US cannot continue to protect Afghan residents from terrorists, there stand no guarantee that she will be able to protect Israel if it becomes overrun by Palestinian Hamas terrorists.

As more meetings follow, Bennett must become wary of Biden’s counter-progressive diplomacy and guard the entirety of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria with the power vested in his authority.

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