January 24, 2022

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Poland Property Theft From Holocaust Survivors: A Despicable Law.


It’s been three weeks since Poland’s president Andrzej Duda signed a grossly anti-Semitic bill into law, which seeks to end all hopes of land and property reclamation for family members of holocaust victims. The hotly-debated bill slaps a thirty year statute of limitation for all new and pending cases of land and property reclamation brought to the court by heirs of holocaust survivors and communist-era owners.

Prior to the Holocaust in 1941, Poland was home to over three million jews making it the highest settlement area of jews in the Nazi communist empire. Now there’s only a paltry 10,000 left.

While Poland refuses to accept any responsibility for its dwindling Jewish population since 1989, its government continually enact policies that make its territory hostile to jews, even going as far as criminalizing any mention of her links to the death of over six million jews in the holocaust, and other war crimes.

The new law which has since been greeted with strong condemnations from Israel top leaders, the US, UK and others, would ensure cases of land dispute are striked out once they’ve been in dispute for 30 years or more regardless of whether justice has been given ot not.

The resolution of the government of Poland stands utterly conceivable as a step in the wrong direction which must be rescinded to avoid spitting on the memory of the greatest man-made racial genocide in modern history.

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