October 16, 2021

Plain Truth Now

Authentic News


It is no new trend all over Nigeria’s social media space, where indecently dressed people revealing more than required of their bodies are given celebrity spotlight to the delight of millions of viewers.
They are housemates meant to be an example of Nigeria’s youthful population, and yes, they are. Except for a few who still firmly uphold the virtues of morals and decency, the average Nigerian youth is an amoral mess and a venerator of vanity who often indulges in a set of self-destructive habits generally classified as ‘fun’.
We see these habits tirelessly reinforced in our society and media space — everybody is doing it and talking about it so it has to be the ‘in-thing.’
Moral decadence is a billion-dollar lucrative market that has found a pleasant trading place in Nigeria. There is none to blame but the brothers and sisters who set bad examples for their younger ones, the neighbours who fail to be socially responsible for shaping the world of growing children around them through their lifestyle, the parents who fail to correct children and drive away folly in its early years and every other person who justifies evil with wry sarcasm and senselessly appealing rhetoric.
People say it’s a sign of civilization, but history has shown that every innovation of western civilization without regard for humanity and morality will lead to bigger problems in the future.
Others say ‘if you don’t like it, just change the channel’ and go on to complain about how paedophiles, nymphomaniacs and deranged people are on the rise. Our society is like an ocean in which no one can carve out a portion immune to the tides. Even a small boat makes big waves, and so everyone needs to change the channel.
Needless to say, BBN is bad. It is bad for young ones whose infant world is being daily inundated with commercialized sexual perversion, people who are daily carried by the many waves of principles, and for this nation already cursed with bad and heartless leaders.
There are decent ways to make it appealing and be successful and Multichoice must do better to sanitize their shows while promoting intellectualism, confidence and other desirable virtues for the greater good of Nigeria.

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