November 27, 2022

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Christians are switching off their phones, fleeing to the hills and crying out for rescue as Taliban resume door-to-door massacre in Afghanistan. There’s a hunt down for any citizen carrying a Bible app on their phone.

Also American soldiers, Afghani-Americans and other US citizens resident in Afghanistan are equally being targeted and massacred in Kabul and Biden seems to bury his head in a pool of overwhelming cluelessness.

The present situation would most likely have been entirely avoidable if the now irredeemably clueless Biden resisted the urge to covet the world’s most powerful political seat back in January without a solid plan for critical issues like this.

Now America reeks of corruption, incompetence, weakness, and international failure and it’s all a stench oozing out from the democrat camp, especially since Obama and now, Biden.

The current catastrophe can be traced back to Obama’s highly-criticized 2014 release of the gitmo 5 including Khairullah Khairkhwa, a former US prisoner and the mastermind of the current Taliban return,  despite several high intelligence warning

Since the start of the takeover, there’s been a cacophony of deafening silence from the camp of female antisemitic US lawmakers — Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, who veil themselves with the hijab of feminism —  towards plight of hundreds of thousands of Afghan women now subject to a barbaric sharia rule against their wishes.

Needless to talk about the UN. Afghanistan is not it’s arch-enemy, Israel, and so makes a less interesting issue for concern. It is a shame how the world governing body openly thrives in selective justice to the detriment of its reputation.

World leaders must do more than speak up. They must rescue the perishing and care for the endangered in Kabul.
This costly US mistake will never be forgotten. It will forever remain a terrible dent on Biden’s wobbly reputation.

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