June 1, 2023

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UNN Cronyism: When The Restorer of Dignity Has No Dignity Left



Mountains of discredit continue to trail the tenorship of Professor Charles Arizechukwu Igwe, the current University of Nigeria Nsukka Vice-Chancellor over his parasitic parley with the ill-willed statesman, Aurthur Eze, and his mendacious method of revenue management in the rapidly degenerating university.

Like the nation where it is situated, what began in the 1960s, as a world-class citadel of unbridled excellence in both human and infrastructural development has hurriedly dilapidated into a hollow silhouette masking the silk belt of corruption stringing the political godfather and pungently decadent academic leader.


Ever since being hurled to power by the controversial political imperialist, Igwe has remained bound by the powers of subservience, jettisoning his utmost responsibility to serve, progress, and protect the school staff and student community, for an academically counterproductive frolic with the disdainful serial ruin-maker.


Eastern Plastics, Anambra Vegetable Oil and Premier Brewery all lie in ruins with Arthur Eze as the wide-toothed wrecker, and now Nsukka is next, as it bleeds of mismanagement and retrogression with Aurthur tinkering the strings of the puppet V.C. and looking to drain ‘the restorer of man’s dignity to humiliating insolvency.


Much of the development realised by UNN in the last few years has been private sector driven. There is no plan to renovate time-tested structures or complete decades of abandoned projects littering the school area despite revenues to the tune of hundreds of millions of Naira generated annually.


This piece is written to reclothe V.C Igwe back to rightful mind and decry the cancerous culture of godfatherism lining the pockets of powerfully worthless men, and depriving the Eastern region of meaningful development.

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