October 16, 2021

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Tit-for-tat as China Retaliates on Canada With Death Sentence.


A Canadian citizen, Robert Schellenberg, who specialized in smuggling methamphetamine, has been re-sentenced to death by China, few weeks after Canada arrested a top Chinese Huawei Manager, for influencing dealings with Iran on the backdrop of US sanctions.

Robert had been earlier tried and convicted of 15 years imprisonment before a hasty 24-hour court decision capitalised on his pending appeal to whip up a death sentence, aggravating his punishment as one handy pawn in the latest Canada-China rift.


Meng Wanzhou was arrested in Vancouver in 2018, on charges of falsely misleading HSBC,  the top-tier European financial institution, into dealings with Iran which has remained under sanction by the US 45th President, Donald Trump since 2018.


Canada’s PM and chief diplomat to China utterly condemned the move as intended to deter Canada from extraditing Meng to the US, where she’ll have to face trial for weaponizing her capitalist powers as Chief Financial Officer to violate installed sanctions, and undertake economic activities with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.


While Meng enjoys the privilege of going about her daily business to return every night, Robert and two other Canadians — Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — languish in separate jails on different charges of espionage.


China continues to perpetrate the worst form of human rights abuse with it’s widely condemned use of torture and death sentence. The communist nation is yet to be punished for its atrocities in Tibet, the millions of lives lost to COVID19 due its heavily shrouded Wuhan mishap, and an acerbic religious intolerance which promoted a mass genocide against Uyghurs and other Chinese-muslims.


Canada has now called on the US to help calm the raging diplomatic rift with Beijing, but a docile and clueless Biden looks too dazed to stand up, talk less of standing up to China.

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