October 1, 2022

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21 months, 197 million cases, and 4.7 million deaths after and the world still has no definite lead on the origins of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. China —the chief suspect— has once again shut its doors against any further investigation by the World Health Organisation (WHO), after asphyxiating the body with contaminative scrutiny during the last investigation attempt.

For the communist nation with a growing discourteous nature, 4.7 million deaths is sadly not enough appeasement to surrender its jealously-guarded, self-venerated reputation for uninfluenced investigations to take place. China has remained stiff-necked, first hastily cleaning up all trails of misdemeanour in Wuhan, boxing the wobbly WHO to shameful inaction, attacking pointed fingers, frustrating investigation attempts, and labelling the US racist for revealing vital leads that casts a shady nebula over Wuhan.

By inference, the WHO’s inability to compel or appeal China’s cooperation in a matter as grave as this, may well show a snippet how much powerlessness and disrepute the United Nations (UN) — WHO’s parent body— has amassed as a coupon for its subscription to China’s growing knavish ways.

“Laboratory accidents happen” as Tedros Adhanom, the WHO Chief, once said, and the earlier China allows world experts to rule out — or double down on — the possibility of a terrible mistake – turned – pandemic, the safer the world can become. Otherwise, the whole world must begin to ask: “What is China hiding?”

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