September 22, 2021

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Leadership can simply be seen as “the act of leading a group of people, or an organisation, the state or position of being a leader” providing direction, focus and guidance to the people. In the context of effective leadership in governance, the concerns, well-being and corporate peaceful existence of the people is the paramount responsibility of the Leader. The Nigerian constitution clearly stipulates that the primary responsibility of any government is to secure lives and property. It is absolutely evident that a state or nation without security is a failed state. The building block of efficient economic emancipation of the people, is drastically measured on the level of safety, freedom and ability to reside anywhere whatsoever without fear or threat, molestation, persecution or killing.

The events being witnessed in Nigeria and more terribly, the incessant killings in Anambra State is unprecedented and deserves urgent and prompt intervention. It is absolutely disgraceful and totally unacceptable, the callous unruly behaviour of so called security agencies witnessed in Anambra State in recent times without any form or caution by the Governor, Mr Willie Obiano. Infact, his unseen hand in the intimidation of innocent citizens is throwing the state into anarchy and chaos.
Fundamental human rights guarantees the right to life and as such, no individual has the monopoly to harass, intimidate or frustrate the citizens without recall to order. The Governor of Anambra State Mr. Willie Obiano must as a matter of fact understand that what matters is not being praised by so called political elites and praise singers when in power, but total acceptability and cordial relationships with the masses when he leaves office.

The level of harassment, intimidation and killings being perpetrated on the good people of Anambra state by the so called security agencies under his watch is innumerable. It is time for the Governor to rise to his responsibilities and call the security agencies to order. The people of Anambra state deserves their freedom and safe environment to carry out their daily activities without fear as the state cannot afford to degenerate into anarchy. A stitch in time saves nine

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