September 22, 2021

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Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki, the Hungarian and Polish Prime Ministers are highly encouraged for their stand against LGBTQ-related issues as it affects their territories.
Indeed, the recent criticisms and imminent sanctions from the European Union passed against Hungary and Poland for endorsing laws exposing Juvenile minds to LGBTQ and gender reassignment should be regarded as an unruly act, causing confusion within the entities.
These EU criticisms in question should be condemned completely because it would bring the ongoing division and devastations inherent in other developed entities into Poland and Hungary.
The schools, churches and other social institutions where the moral decadence caused by LGBTQ affects directly, leaving the young ones confused about gender identity, should fight and put a stop to such.
These organization should educate the younger generation about the issues and risks of trying to identify with or claim non-existing genders.
Also, the issue of a lesbian or homosexual adopting a child from straight relationship should also be frowned at, because it is a contradiction as well as hypocrisy for a man and a woman to give birth to children only to be adopted by perverts in the guise of LGBTQ.
Notwithstanding all pressure from the European Union, Hungary and Poland should stand firm and defend their own territory, or better still, form a new bloc to promote their economic and socio-cultural ties, which the EU has drifted from.
Afterall, Poland and Hungary do not need EU but the EU needs them

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