September 22, 2021

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From a Concerned EU citizen
“Permit me to utilise this opportunity to thank the Hungarian government, the Hungarian Parliament and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbàn first for their unequivocal and continued support to the people of Israel especially during and in the aftermath of the recent crisis with the Palestinians and for standing tall against some of the anti-Israeli EU zealots like France and Brussels from enacting and passing some draconian bills against the Israeli handling of the crisis.
Secondly, I want to thank the Hungarian leadership too, for their stand on LGBTIQ matters and for standing against the EU Commission’s bid to force member states to indoctrinate children into this morally corrupting ideology and content pushed by some activists and pro-european forces within the bloc.
Hungary must stand firm in their stance against this corruption and decay the EU wanted to push into schools and on Kids’ Television, regardless of the amount of pressure, legal actions, punitive financial and economic measures being considered by the EU Commission and Parliament in order to force the hands of Hungary in their position on such matters of state security and national values, the sovereign values of Hungary must be paramount and respected over the divisive so-called values and unconscionable move by the EU.
The Hungarian rule of law and that of other countries within the bloc must be respected otherwise freedom from the bloc would be a very considerable and open option to explore just like the United Kingdom did, today the UK are making good of that freedom.
The Children Protection Act passed with the stated purpose of safeguarding children’s wellbeing and fighting paedophilia must be firmly protected.
Hungary, Poland, Greece and other well-meaning EU countries should not hesitate to form a breakaway Group or bloc of ‘4’, should the EU remain insensitive to the sovereignty, territorial boundaries, integrity and right to self-rule of nations. It’s better to form an alliance with a formidable ally on mutual respect than a multitude of invasive nations.”

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