September 22, 2021

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An examination of the demographics of the only Jewish nation leaves much to be desired.

While it calls for a celebration that Israel has increased more than 10 folds compared to its founding population in 1948 and has grown past the number claimed by the holocaust and anti-semitism, cognizance must be taken of its fastest-growing population sector-Muslim/Arab citizens.

Based on demography, Israel stood at a population of 9,237,000, as of its 2021 Independence day, out of which a whopping 21% (almost 2 million) are Arabs. This is a 2.5% average Israeli-Arab growth rate product, judging from the 2017 and 2019 percentages, which were 17.8 and 19.5, respectively.

Historically, Arab citizens of Israel had an inconsequential influence on the politics of the small country, not until other ideologically diverse mixes of parties absorbed the United Arab Lists, (an Arab-centrist party) in a coalition that unseated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a narrow vote in June 2021. The motive and outcome of which remains uncertain to the world.

By comparison from the most delicate standpoint-Religion, the Jewish population grew by 1.7% in 2017; the Christian population grew by 2.2 %, the Druze population saw 1.4 % growth, while that of Muslims spike at 2.5%. It is beyond doubt that the cause of the aforementioned is that Muslim men have been getting married earlier than their fellows from other sectors of the population, worse still, practising polygamy under the auspices of their Sharia law. This stated fact has kept the Muslim women natality rate in a serious battle with that of the jews.

If a controlled birth policy is not instituted fast, the enemies within Israel may be worse than those without.

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