November 27, 2022

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EURO 2020: X-Raying UEFAs Grey Areas

With Italy and England set to lock horns for a historic final, the frills and thrills of Euro 2020 is now only one step away from climax come Sunday, the 11th of July.

A cursory look, right from Turkey’s opening defeat to Italy, shows one conspicuous grey area UEFA shabbily patched through in this year’s tournament. This grey area is about LGBT and the coincidence of this year’s tournament with the ‘pride month.’

Even though it is gradually becoming inundating and intolerable, it is not uncommon to see Premier League, La Liga players, Serie A players strap on the rainbow band in droves,  as an overzealous attempt to donate ultra-excessive support to the course of LGBTs.

At the club level it is good for business, the big-money sponsors want it, the fans are forced to love it and whatever moral or religious orientation a player has, must be dumped at the training ground trash can because…well, some are paid to shut up and kick balls, while others are paid to rock blinding colour spectrum, scream for support for their anomaly, and pollute the pitch with PDA. So much for preaching discrimination!

The focus of this piece is not on big league clubs swapping morals for money and stuffing it in the mouths of critics, it is on the UEFA, which is expected to stand strictly on its neutrality and protect the long preserved diversity in football, that has kept a certain political, social or religious group from impinging on the rights and beliefs of others. It is overwhelmingly sad to see how UEFA in this tournament let players from one end of the continuum, turn our football pitch into an advocacy ground for certain civil rights movement aimed at enthroning abnormality,

For all rights and intents, Germany’s keeper Emmanuel Neuer deserves a fine and a sanction for flaunting LGBT memorabilia without recourse to the rights and beliefs of fans who do not share in such nicely-packaged moral barbarism,

The Eurozone is one which has a sworn mandate to respect the rights and sovereignty of all nations under its umbrella.

Great commendation to nations like Russia, Hungary, Denmark and Azerbaijan which have declared an uncompromising unwillingness to pander to the multicolored abomination movement sweeping across other member nations.

UEFA must learn to respect all interests for the good of the game.

No movement reserves the right to recruit deviant players as social campaign mascots on the field of play, otherwise the governing body runs the risk of desecrating the field of play with a litany of social, political and religious campaigns that give little help and much hurt to the lovely, innocent game of football.

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