October 3, 2023

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Vitriols and lambasts continue to flood the gates of No.10 Downing street since British PM Boris Johnson pulled the 47-year-old British plug off European Union.

Even though Brexit — the official coinage for Britain’s exit from the EU — took four years and two prime ministers to prepare and plan, unwavering Labour critics still continue to hurl the brunt of the blame on Boris who oversaw the last days of exit and a terrible COVID-19 pandemic to go with it.

That Britain is still staggering economically is no surprise — over half of the world’s economy are, no thanks to the global pandemic. What remains surprising however, is the barrage of negative attacks on Boris Johnson for daring to liberate Britain from the EU’s overarching encroachment on its sovereignty.

The EU lately, has been on a spiral down the track of irrelevance straining a gnat when it comes to Hungary and Poland incontestible rights against LGBT, and sparing the bigger cantankerous camels — Russia and Turkey.

Britain is right to pull out from the EU.
Britain will bounce back economically.
These are two truths that can co-exist.

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