September 22, 2021

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How Israel Joined Hands With Enemies To Oust Bibi.


Sunday, 13th June, saw the end of what has become the longest-serving tenure of any prime minister in Israel. It marked the end –for now — of the strong and decisive right-winged leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, who brought Israel clinical victories in all battles against terrorists, solidified her democracy, improved her economy, and expanded her territory as of old.
It marked the exit of an unwavering leader, clinical in approach, uncompromising against the anti-Semitic tea-party of charlatans at the UN, and stern in combating blood-thirsty knavish war criminals in Gaza and Iran. Most especially, it marked the end of a leader who brought more legitimacy to Israel and its eternal indivisible capital, Jerusalem, than the UN could ever try.
Netanyahu – like his friend, Donald Trump — were the raging storm the world needed to correct political correctness and left-wing propaganda. They both proved to the world that the road to peace and security in the Middle East does not pass through the backyards of Iran or the gates of Gaza.
Bibi made new friends for Israel in the Middle East, and many more outside the Middle East.
It is a powerful shame to see Israel opting for a leader only half as Netanyahu, whose capacity to defend the troubled nation is built on a contaminated foundation of animus Arabs, Netanyahu-haters and shamelessly dissident Israelis. Israel let enemies seep into its government and make critical decisions on its behalf.
There is a limit to how far a coalition of remarkably different people united by a common hatred for a Netanyahu can go. It is only a matter of time before all parties begin to adorn their selfish interests like a shroud and wreck what’s left of Israel’s divided political space.
Naftali Bennett succeeds Benjamin Netanyahu as the new prime minister with a razor-thin single-person margin.

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