June 13, 2021

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From Civil Inquiry to Criminal Inquiry: The Trump Witch-hunt Intensifies.


A bribe- loving lawyer from Manhattan who doubles as a Harvey Weinstein apologist, is leading a fresh wave of criminal investigations into Trump’s financial records.

Cyrus Vance Jr — a 66-year-old lap-dog of Barack Obama and the extreme left, and a three-time Manhattan district attorney — is seeking to convene a special grand jury in New York to comb through the records of Trump’s property, business and finance records.

This will be the third time Trump will be boxed into the defendant’s corner after defeating two shabby impeachment trials as president.

No other president in the history of America — not even Obama who flew millions of dollars of palette cash to Iran, and raked in a ton of fortune cutting Illegal arms and oil deals in the Middle East — has been subjected to the kind of relentlessly hostile legal scrutiny made against Trump.

For a man who kept America’s borders secure unlike Biden. One who ground Iran’s terrorist support and financing mission to a halt, showing a stark contrast from Biden’s current irritatingly weak stance; and held the nation’s best employment creation record in over 60 years, Trump’s constant victimization and witch hunt appears to be more sinister than genuine — a product of the terrified left.

The onus lies on Republican lawmakers and other representatives of just and incorruptible reputation to step up and put an end to the endless, ceaseless witch hunt.

One that undermines America’s  judicial system and sets deadly dangerous precedents

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