June 13, 2021

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South-Eastern, NIGERIA – Two days ago, a restaurant owner and seven of her customers were attacked by a gang of armed Hausa-speaking renegades. The lady was shot, her customers hacked to death and her teenage son whisked away. The only surviving person was a man who was able to identify himself as a non-Igbo person to the attackers.
This is only a blip on the radar of vicious killings, arson, violence and insecurity that has started plaguing the South-Eastern region of Nigeria.
For a region where many of its indigenes have bitterly lamented a growing marginalization, nepotism and hostility of the current nation’s government over the past six years, leading to a largely peaceful agitation for a referendum, the recent spate of violence is strange, if not worrisome.
By virtue of its silence and the recent incendiary remarks of the former-military ruler turned president, Muhammed Buhari, the Nigerian government is utterly complicit in the growing unrest in the S/Eastern region.
The present Nigerian government which fields a saturated crop of religious extremists, united jihadists and terrorist apologists, appears to be leading a plot to make the Eastern States ungovernable and in need of martial law in the guise of military intervention.
Never in the history of the nation has the country been so much on the edge of the divide, as it is now. Northern terrorists are treated with brotherly gloves, patted on the back, and given amnesty on a platter after killing Christians.
Southern agitators for a referendum and against unveiled marginalization are overrun with military tanks, raided and sporadically shot at.
As the region’s governors continue to live in self-denial, betraying their citizens and bootlicking a slew of corrupt incompetent federal heads at the helm of power, Buhari continues to rule the Eastern region with a certain military high-handedness reminiscent of the 1967-1970 pogrom — one in which he was an active participant.
The International community is silent. Africa is of little importance in the comity of nations. No nation seems concerned about calling a budding dictator to order.
The UN and the EU are partially blinded by its hate and witch hunt of Israel. They ignore a much grievous genocide going on in Africa.
How long before Nigeria becomes a bigger war-torn ramshackle like Libya and Sudan.

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