June 13, 2021

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The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced yet another shambolic plan of Biden’s administration to reopen the erstwhile U.S. consulate in Jerusalem — a move that will reinstate diplomatic ties with Palestine.
The consulate long served as an autonomous office in charge of diplomatic relations with the Palestinians, earlier downgraded by former President Donald Trump.
Not only is it disgraceful that the Biden’s administration betrayed Israel by supporting a two-state solution to the protracted Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, it is also disappointing that it has concluded plans to build a disguised consulate for Palestinian affairs in Jerusalem, indirectly selling the Jewish State out to the Arabs.
More inimical is the fact that Biden’s administration has raised a whopping $360 million for Palestine — the contentious region breeding the Hamas, Fatah, PLO, and about six other terrorist groups as designated by Israel, the United States, European Union, and the United Kingdom, as well as other world powers. One would not be far from the truth in concluding that Biden funds terrorism in the world.
The 22,145 km² Israel reserves its right to exist as a Jewish nation and secure Jerusalem as its undivided capital. Also, it is an unacceptable guise to refer to Judea and Samaria as “West Bank” or “Occupied Palestine”. Therefore, the two-state solution is only a nightmare. The idea is unacceptable and Israel, together with all people of goodwill are vehemently against any plan from Biden’s administration that favours cession of territory to Palestine.
Indeed, Israel has obvious enemies, but the outnumbering hidden ones are yet to be uncovered. Is the United States still an ally of Israel under Biden’s rule?

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