June 13, 2021

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Can America Forget Her Greatest Ally?

Following Israel’s bombing of an 11-storey housing Aljazeera and Associated Press’ Gaza office; a few foreign diplomats and media houses have taken turns to call on the US to condemn Israel, labelling the only democratic nation in the Middle East – an enemy of free press.
US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who earlier made a call for investigation has now refused to comment further ever since receiving details of the investigation report.
As it appears, the 11- storey which sat in the central Gaza area, housed media houses on some floors, civilian residents on a few others and a large stock of Hamas military weapons and intelligence underneath it.
This serves as yet another concrete evidence that shows Hamas recklessness and how it operates to endanger the lives of Palestinian civilians in its deadly terror operations against Israel.
The US must be careful not to give in to propaganda pressures and turn its back on many decades of successful cooperation with one of its most steadfast allies.
Israel remains the only stable, flourishing and peaceful nation in the Middle East and the US will suffer loss of influence in the region if it opts to set sail with a highly tempestuous Hamas-ridden Palestine or its unapologetic terrorist financier, Iran.
No nation would tolerate 3000+ rockets over its skylines – not even those who support Hamas

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