June 13, 2021

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Hungary: The Last Guardian of Morality In The EU.

The nation of Hungary on Tuesday stood firm as the only EU nation backing Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas terrorism.
In what appeared to be a tea party of propaganda and illusion of facts, organized by the EU to decide on what measures to take to stop Israel from defending its citizens, Hungary stood out as the only nation to remind the EU of their growing injustice and anti-semitic tendencies to Isreal.
So far, Hamas has launched over 3000 rockets from civilian settlements in Gaza, targeting residential areas in Israel. Israel continues to retaliate by striking down target Hamas bases including tunnel channels, weapons warehouses and rocket launch sites.
Unlike terrorist Hamas, The Israeli Defense Forces still continues to adhere to strict war engagement rules by using roof knocker bombs, ensuring civilian evacuation before airstrikes and aborting airstrikes in civilian clusters.
With many EU nations pledging support for terrorism by supporting Hamas, the actions of Hungary remains highly commendable as a defense for truth, justice and fairness.

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