November 27, 2022

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James O’Keefe’s suspension by Twitter came as a rude shock to Americans on Thursday.

Once upon a time in journalism, such exposé by O’Keefe on corrupt activities of CNN in news reportage would have been met with commendation and praise from mainstream media. Not anymore. Today’s media will give an arm for a lie than elevate the truth.

In America of yesteryears, the FBI would have been closing in on CNN to investigate this unprecedented act of using their platform to interfere in US Presidential election. For years, Americans were sold a lie that the Russians interfered in the election; panel of inquiry was instituted and millions of tax payers’ money expended.

With the stunning video revelation by O’Keefe on how CNN Technical Director, Charlie Chester confessed about their network producing propaganda aimed at defeating Trump including inviting medical experts to overdramatize Trump’s coronavirus health issues, one would have expected calls by the media for similar investigation to be accorded CNN for interfering in the election as with the Russia allegation.

It’s a smack of double standard for Twitter to take sides and suspend James O’Keefe’s Twitter account even with irrefutable video evidence available to buttress the report about CNN. This makes Twitter an accomplice in this cover-up of election meddling. Why didn’t Twitter takedown the account of CNN when it reported falsely that Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election in 2016?

Again, this isn’t the first time Twitter is displaying its preference and open support for Democrat views on its platform, while silencing and canceling right wing views.

It would be recalled that Twitter had in similar fashion, suspended the account of New York Post, following a report exposing the Biden family corrupt escapades with China two weeks to the US election, November last year. Till date, the validity of the story remains relevant.

Twitter and social media giants must realize that stifling and silencing the opinion of Americans will not make for a healthy America. The notion of posts “violating community standards” must never be weaponized nor subjectively defined to victimize and stifle right wing views.

The decision by Twitter to suspend O’Keefe’s account is yet another attack on our First Amendment and Americans irrespective of party affiliation or creed should speak and condemn this dastardly act.

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