October 3, 2023

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In the context of global peace, freedom and cordial relationships among nation-states, diplomacy and political strategies are pivotal to its realism.

In the Middle East the threat to the existence of a nation like Israel, the destruction of her economic values and the attack on the people is of grave concern which the United Nations must handle unequivocally.

The continuous attack on Israel by rogue states like Iran which has spanned over decades has surprisingly attracted little or no significant attention or condemnation by the world media and several other world bodies and organisations which includes the United Nations, European Union, UN arm of Human Rights Council (OHCHR) etc. It’s indeed a call for concern as the only democratically functioning nation in the Middle East faces consistent attacks by Iran and its proxies while World Bodies and their Media hypocritically looks the other way.

The Israeli MV Helious Ray Cargo Ship was attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Friday 26th February 2021 with explosives while sailing out of the Middle East through the Strait of Hormuz. It could be recalled the U.S military accused Iran in the summer of 2019 of attacking many oil tankers with limpet mines in the Gulf of Oman. Recently, there was a massive oil spill that ravaged the shores of Israel causing unprecedented environmental impact and damage referred to as “Environmental terrorism” by Israeli Government. Israeli officials indicated that the ship which caused the oil pollution was a Libyan-owned oil tanker suspected of smuggling oil to Syria from Iran in violation of UN sanctions.

In the light of these series of attacks on the State of Israel, the United Nations, European Union and other world bodies including media houses e.g. CNN, Aljazeera, Sky News, etc are yet to outrightly and totally issue strong statements of condemnation for these senseless acts capable of deepening the existing crisis that has destabilised the Middle East till date. This is an absolutely unfair treatment to the sovereign nation of Israel.

It is also worthy of note that Iran has continued to freely display acts of irresponsibility and acts of terrorism in the region without restraint or remorse hence a strong sign of caution for the Biden’s administration which has reiterated willingness to go back to negotiation table with Iran on the 2015 JCPOA Nuclear Deal. Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons if peace is to be sustained in the Middle East and the world in general. The United Nations, other World bodies, the World Media must rise to the occasion and call Iran to order, condemning her total disregard to international law on the nuclear weapons treaty. It is in the interest of global peace to consistently monitor and track the activities of the State of Iran. The time is now to put sentiments aside and face reality otherwise regrets will be a little too late.

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