October 3, 2023

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A back and forth disagreement between the Australian government and big tech giant, Facebook, has glaringly underscored the urgent need for big tech regulation across the globe.
The recent politics-technology kerfuffle which demanded that Facebook began paying Australian national news pages a fair amount from huge profit gained off on-page advertisements, saw tens of millions of Australians barred access to top news pages and emergency response sites in retaliation to the legislation.
The company has since pledged to restore its services but citizens worry at how painfully slow the return to normalcy has been, compared to its irresponsibly rapid disconnection some few weeks back.
Facebook in recent times has been accused of massive user data harvesting through its online platform and its other subsidiary, WhatsApp—which triggered a mass exodus of users from a recent update requiring compulsory data harvesting and privacy hack.
Back in its home, the US; the platform, in an uncommon alliance with left wing liberals, began a massive clampdown campaign on popular conservative pages, censoring free speech through the barring of videos, posts or links on its platform that question the integrity of the widely disputed November 3rd presidential elections or exonerate Trump —who recently was acquitted by the US Senate—from accusations of his involvement in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.
Many world presidents and global experts continue to monitor closely the brewing situation, expressing fear on the growing power of big-tech and its overarching influence on citizens’ life. In defence of free speech and the right against unregulated exploitation, Australia’s move is deemed necessary to ensure effective regulation.

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