June 13, 2021

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26 hours away from Zhangjiakou —one of the venues for the Beijing 2022, Winter Olympics — is a Xinjiang concentration camp, tucked away and stuffed up with Uighur minorities daily subjected to gruelling torture, rape, maiming and death on account of their religious belief.
This is one out of over 500 such camps scattered across China containing thousands of captured Chinese from over 55 minority ethnic groups.
The CCP prefers to label her state sponsored religious genocide as ‘fighting extremism.’
The gross violation of human rights is only a tip of China’s persistent unbridled bullying and destructive intimidation tactics beyond its borders that has seen the communist country constantly violate the United Nation’s (UN) territorial rules to flagrantly disrespect the rights and sovereignty of neighbouring countries Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Following the development, over a thousand Human Rights NGOs have now called on the British Government to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Games barely a month after the Chinese government banned UK broadcasting corporation, BBC from operation its country for its bold attempts to expose China’s ongoing secret human rights violation—A move reminiscent of the Cold War.
In the heat of the foray between UK and China is a dumb, docile United Nations, painstakingly aloof and shamefully lethargic to its commitment to justice against genocide and high level human rights violations. The UN appears unable to act seeing how China, in recent years, has become the chief puppeteer bankrolling the union.
PM, Boris Johnson and the British government must heed to the pleas to boycott Beijing 2022— For the sake of the suffering of Uyghurs.

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