June 1, 2023

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Dear Barack Obama,
You are one of the most illustrious African sons whom God elevated and helped in America, and you became the first African American President of the United States. Africans and African-Americans are worried that despite your presidency which lasted for 8 years, you could not achieve anything meaningful both in America and beyond. The greatest achievement you made was the introduction of same-sex marriage in America and canvassing for its legalization even in Kenya, your country of origin. Humiliatingly, the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta described your campaign in his country as “a non-issue”. At home, you threatened fellow citizens who did not comply with jail time.

Your actions have dashed and narrowed the hopes of millions of African Americans of ever becoming the next U.S President should the opportunity arise. This is not good Mr. Barack. You should change from promoting iniquitous decrees. Americans need you to promote policies that would benefit mankind and preserve the sanctity of the State of the Union.

It’s disheartening that a renowned personality like you is one of those sowing seeds of discord and division among Americans. You brought evil into America, the land famous for putting their trust in God; disappointing the confidence God reposed in you to lead America. How are the mighty fallen? What will be the fate of Africa with this your ignoble conduct? Africa depends and relies wholly on you as African you are. Look at how you have disgraced and brought shame and hopelessness to your fatherland.

Remember, you were born of nothing. You were born of an immigrant father from far-away Kenya, you are of a broken home. You were not born of a wealthy or noble background to warrant the position of the President of the United States of America yet it was given to you; and when you came in, what did you do? You turned the constitution of the United States upside down, made the Founding Fathers the objects of ridicule and destroyed the good morals of the United States of America. A great Christian nation of over 200 years became a secular nation and was worth less than nothing simply because you were elected the President of the United States of America.

What happened Sir that made you hostile to the Lord who elevated you from the heap of the ashes to sit among the princes? Why have you done everything humanly possible to eradicate Christianity from the United States of America, secularise it and made it a home for terrorists? It used to be “Merry Christmas” but in your tenure as President, you said it was offensive and changed it to “Season’s Greetings”. Rather than Christmas, you called it Xmas. Can you tell a Muslim that Ramadan Mubarak is offensive, therefore, it should be changed?

The massacre and persecution of Christians in the world skyrocketed during your term and you never for once asked questions.

And when all you did, did not go as planned, you came out from retirement as a former President (recall also that ordinarily in U.S politics — when Presidents leave office they never interfere in governance) and merged forces with Joe Biden (a man that is hardly capable of running his home let alone the United States of America) to destroy America. Sir, all the chaos you incited, the rampages, the Holy Bibles burnt and churches set on fire, what have you achieved?

Posterity will always remember the role you played in Joe Biden’s election campaign and reducing of American presidential elections to a circus and ridicule through the massive adoption of a fraudulent mail-in ballot system which required little or no verification of voters. The once famous cynosure of democracy, the United States of America that had the integrity to call other countries to order and demand transparency in elections is now an object of ridicule. Is this the legacy of the first African American President of the United States?

Sir, it is important to remind you of Africa’s joy, ecstasy and pride that greeted your election as the first black President of the United States. There was hope for a better tomorrow especially for Africans and humanity at large. Instead, you brought pains and sorrow to Africa including a needless war in Libya which wrecked the developing African nation to shreds till date. Why Obama?

Please, Sir, the African continent pleads with you with every sense of decorum, humility and respect to have a rethink and review of your actions over the past decade. Please desist from your divisive actions and turn a new leaf for the progress and unity of the United States of America and emancipation of Africans including those in the diaspora

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