June 28, 2022

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The U.S elections may have come and gone but the race for the presidency is hardly far from over. With widespread reports of voter fraud accompanied by a barrage of litigations, the outcome as the media portrays it to be — still hangs in the balance.

For any globalized citizen, the presidential election of the U.S — the most powerful nation on earth— is of undeniable importance to every country. Directly or indirectly, the U.S elections bring to the dialogue table, many key interests among nations, ranging from world trade, security and investment; ethnic and religious conflict, climate, international corruption among others.

It is this foolhardy to feign indifference and double foolhardy to bury fact-based rationality under heaps of inimical sentiment.

Here in #Nigeria, the current U.S. President, Donald Trump, enjoys rich popularity and support for many reasons. Chief among them is his tough stance on corruption, strong support for #Israel, aid in the fight against Boko Haram terrorism and defence of Christians being killed in Southern Kaduna.

In the heat of the #EndSARS protest, Trump stands as the only world leader to send in a four-man delegate questioning the military attacks on peaceful protesters.

A few other Nigerians, however, think otherwise. They simply hate Trump. They hold the U.S President to standards which they do not dare hold their leaders. Trump’s existence as president is personally offensive. How dare he call a dysfunctional, corrupt, inflation ridden, unemployment infested, world poverty capital —a ‘s**thole’? Who gave him the audacity to call a president who took two weeks and truckloads of a plea, to apathetically address a nationwide protest – ‘lifeless’?

The hate extends to Trumps supporters too. The average Nigerian Democrat — just like their American counterpart, thinks ill of any trump supporter.

A viral video of a prayer march for Trump which took place in Onitsha, Nigeria, struck the nerves of many Nigerian democrats, who saw it as a crime for many people, to freely express their support for Trump.

One random Trump critic (Mr Paul Okolie) could not tell the difference between a prayer march and a prophecy, going on to confidently expose a gruelling ignorance towards the organizer, His Grace, The Most Rev. Prof. Daddy Hezekiah MFR (The International Mayor of Peace) who had already expressed his support for peaceful protests and called for the disbandment of the Federal rogue unit, SARS as well as the reformation of the Nigerian Police Force in the presence of many journalists who graced the prayer march on 25th of October.

Investigation shows that Rev. Prof. Hezekiah has consistently been at the vanguard of both local and international social, economic and political issues for decades right before the time of Abacha.

Bereft of any strand of rational reasoning with a hubris of dishevelled rhetoric clogging his jaw, Mr. Paul, labelled the prayer march, an act of irresponsibility reflecting a stunted perception of globalization, an unbridled ignorance towards the organizer and hate-filled hypocrisy towards the thousands of souls killed in Southern Kaduna which has drastically reduced since Trump openly questioned the killings.

As Rev. Prof. Hezekiah MFR, explained in an interview with BBC Igbo “Our prayer march was done solely out of our love for Trump. He is a man sorely persecuted with many enemies both within and without, including the church of Satan. It is neither politically motivated, nor was it done to get a visa.”

It’s suboptimal reasoning to think the first and only clergyman in the world, to bag the high ranking United Nations International Mayor of Peace, would be fronting for an American visa.

No doubt, social media is such a beautiful and powerful tool but in our freedom to express our opinion and support, Nigerians, like Mr. Paul, must learn to do a little research to separate sentiment from objectivity and desist from making baseless claims.

Mr Paul (Man Paulo’s corner) is a garrulous charlatan whose existence is hopelessly hinged on deploying scathe, unverified and disingenuous rhetoric on trending issues to a globe of gullible followers.

An apoplectic parasite.

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