June 1, 2023

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A female eyewitness in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, uncovered a massive underground mail-in ballot fraud coordinated by Democrats in her local area.

According to the middle-aged Houston local who pleaded anonymity, “there is an ongoing massive registration of dead people as Democrat supporters, to claim their ballot papers for voting…My Dad who had passed away three years ago was never a Democrat! He was born and raised in Oregon, had all properties in Oregon, died and was buried in Oregon! He never lived in Texas, but surprisingly, a few days ago, we received a mail with his ballot, identifying him as a Democrat registered in Texas! This is [a] massive fraud!”

This follows in a series of teeming reports of widespread ballot harvesting by Biden’s campaign director in Harris County, another in Minneapolis — Ilhan Omar’s district, as well as others with hundreds of piles of Republican ballots for Trump, dumped in at Luzerne county and also Fox River, as uncovered by local authorities and reported by the Justice Department.

As evidence continues to pour in, confirming President Trump’s earlier concerns about the potential for fraud in mail-in voting, the mainstream media continue to downplay these evidence. Rather than investigate, they label them inconsequential whilst focusing on a freshly purported tax evasion allegation against Trump who still donates all of his presidential salaries to charity since becoming President!

Mail-in voting is being weaponized by Democrats as a means of widespread rigging and there is little being done about it.

The U.S. Presidential elections have always been decided through in person voting. The transparency of such process endeared it as the most revered and truly democratic system in the world. Results of elections were known and pronounced almost instantaneously and in matter of hours after elections.

Very clearly, the stance to distribute absentee ballots to every American on grounds of Coronavirus may not be the best. If people could stand in queues to buy from the grocery store in the pandemic, why can’t they be allowed to perform their civic duty with safety precautions in place? The absentee ballot should remain what it is; for persons who for one reason or the other are unable to travel to their state and vote. It shouldn’t be for all and sundry for the avoidance of hijack and abuse of the process by unscrupulous elements. Signatures can’t be verified as with the system in Arizona and the Post Office will certainly be overwhelmed as with the New York primary elections.

Trump, Republicans and well-meaning individuals must resist these desperate attempts by very dubious individuals to steal and fraudulently rig the U.S. elections through mail-in voting.

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