October 3, 2023

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Criticisms continue to trail the World Bank’s decision to halt financial aid to Uganda on account of its anti-LGBT stance. Head of the global financial body, Ajay Banga, announced the decision on Tuesday sparking disdain from millions of Ugandans, Africans, and global citizens who see the decision as corrupt, unjust and laden with hypocrisy.

The World Bank maintains a solid relationship with Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Yemen — five oil-rich Middle Eastern nations with a longstanding death penalty for LGBTQs. None of these nations have received the level of threats of financial boycotts meted against Uganda by the Washington-based institution hopelessly yoked to the corrupt whims of the Biden government.

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Over 45.8 million Ugandans who remain unwilling to cower to immoral Western pressures and sexual practices responsible for a 65% increase in HIV/AIDS, will now have to suffer the reckless sanctions of a recently installed Biden puppet.

Since 2014, former US President Barack Obama made it a lifelong mission to contaminate African moral values with the proliferation of destructive homosexuality sandwiched between financial aids. This odious legacy is now continued by Biden, then Obama’s vice president, who has become the most corrupt, scandal-ridden US president since the turn of the century.

The actions of the World Bank, many believe, will fuel increased dislike for a statistically insignificant number of LGBTs whose rights appear to be elevated far above others in majority. By suffering millions of innocent Africans to appease gays, the World Bank tethers itself to destructive Westernism fuelling the decline of traditional family values.

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