October 3, 2023

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White House or Crack House? Leftwing Media Dumbfounded As Biden Turns White House to Cocaine Depot

White House or Crack House? Leftwing Media Dumbfounded As Biden Turns White House to Cocaine Depot

Six days ago, a pile of white powdery substance confirmed to be cocaine was found at the west wing of the official residence of the United States of America. The heavily-guarded white house was temporarily evacuated as investigators scrambled for a logical explanation to the embarrassing disgrace.

“With the abundance of surveillance footage, facial recognition technology, entry and exit records, as well as DNA forensics, spotting the culprit should be simple and straightforward” a political correspondent disclosed, “except Biden appears to be unwilling to name the cocaine addict in the White House.”

When quizzed on the issue, press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, opted to feign ignorance—as is her wont—rather disclosing that the White House West wing is a frequently visited area by family and friends of the president—including Hunter Biden, the nation’s foremost crackhead above the law.

Democrat lawmakers are embarrassingly silent while Republicans call for expeditement of investigations. Rep. Lauren Robert called for a drug test for all WH occupants including President Biden. A cocaine-sniffing president poses the greatest threat to America’s national security and cannot be trusted to safeguard the nation’s nuclear launch codes.

Equally, the thoughts of another potential crackhead, asides the notorious Hunter Biden, further taints the Biden family as a classless money-laundering drug-sniffing cartel with neither dignity nor regard for the rule of law it swore to protect.

In all these, the left wing media is left in shock. Defending such a crime family has become an extreme sport thanks to its constant display of reprehensible conduct. Condemning Biden, on the other hand, is a risk it cannot take for fear of mob attack.

Americans are urged to demand transparency and justice for such a matter of national concern.

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