October 3, 2023

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President Tinubu’s government has once again put the cart before the horse by renaming some renowned universities in the country after some individuals. It is not to be said that naming a school after an individual is wrong, but the pertinent questions are – ‘Is renaming universities the most pressing need of the country inundated by hunger, hardship, insecurity and other vices?’ ‘How can the poor benefit from this unpopular action?’

This is a misplaced priority by a government that has inherited a country referred to as the poverty capital of the world with over fifty percent of its citizens at the danger of starvation. 

President Tinubu should know that he is starting on a wrong footing with his policies and actions. He was recently seen on a video where he was advising that the poor should be allowed to breathe; ironically he is the one trying to suffocate the poor. On the first day of his assumption of office, he flagrantly removed the fuel subsidy thereby throwing the entire nation into chaos with attendant untold hardship being meted out to the masses. 

Governance is not an easy vocation but those who have chosen that path should know that it is an act of making wise decisions and taking prudent actions in a way that positively impacts the well-being of the governed.  Removing fuel subsidy without any measures to ameliorate the imminent suffering and untold hardship the people are bound to experience is tantamount to despotism. Plans should have been on ground to cushion the effects of subsidy removal with enough sensitisations of the populace. That unwholesome action has thrown the nation into pandemonium and quagmire because enough consultations were not made before delving into it.

Moreover, increasing the salaries of the president, the governors and other top government officials by 114% was an aberration which must be rescinded forthwith. The nation is already bleeding from injuries inflicted on it by the previous government through borrowings and other unscrupulous activities and so does not need more heinous acts of wickedness and apathy towards the plights of the common man. This government going by the way they were foisted on the people should know that if allowed to continue, their ultimate agenda should be to placate the people and secure their confidence instead of brazenly taking actions capable of dissentious and cantankerous responses from the masses. After all, according to John Maxwell, “People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision”.

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