October 3, 2023

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A landmass no more than the size of New Jersey, Israel has had to give up close to 80% of its territory in less than a century, all for the sake of peace.

Her neighbors, Palestine, continue to live in a widely reinforced denial of reality. The land of Israel does not belong to them—it never did.

‘Palestine’ was manufactured out of thin air by a first-century anti-Semitic homosexual Roman Emperor, Hadrian, who murdered Jews and renamed Israel “Syria Palestina” to destroy Christian and Jewish history. Even by the United Nations records, a Palestine state never existed as recently as 1948.

Today, Emperor Hadrian’s hatred lives on and is replicated by many global leaders who daily call for the sanction, boycott, and extermination of Israel for defending its unalienable right to exist.

Israel’s six-day transformation from an endangered nation to a superpower in the Middle East came as a shock too many. Three Arab nations three times mightier than Israel were left scampering to safety after suffering a colossal defeat at the hands of a few frail holocaust survivors. The thought of attacking Israel at such a vulnerable period is a testament to the unbridled cruelty of Israel’s enemies.

That cruel ideology is now rapidly duplicated in antisemitic policies, biased media coverage, and international sanctions against Israel. Israel’s defense of its homeland continues to be mis-characterized as an invasion—the likes of Russia against Ukraine. The next port of call is a global alliance for arms, finance, and propaganda to support Palestine—a ruthless Jihadist nation against Israel.

Israel stands as the only Democratic nation in the Middle East. It has made many concessions for the sake of peace, including opening access to its holy sites to its enemies.  Thousands of Palestinians currently occupy key political and economic positions in a time where Israelis are killed at sight in Palestine.

Over the last five decades, the PLO has spent over $500 million earmarked for poverty alleviation and economic resuscitation in the indoctrination of child soldiers and the purchase of war-grade ammunition against Israel. Their donors turn a blind eye to avoid talks of accountability.

Just as the war has proven lucrative for Zelenskyy, claims of oppression appear so for Palestine.

This year alone, over 100 Israelis have been murdered in multiple attacks by infiltrated Arab terrorists. Recently, this has led to a series of counter-responses now escalated as terrorism by Western media.

The UN has proven itself a corporate puppet in the oil-rich hands of Arabs. Laying like sitting ducks as Israel suffers deaths because of Palestinian terror, only to rise at the slightest defensive attempt, has become the modus operandi of the body.

The world needs a rude reawakening to the truth. The global attack on Israel is extremely unnecessary. Israel’s existence continuously reminds the world of the eternal, undeniable existence and power of a supernatural God—the very one the Earth so badly wishes to forget.

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