October 3, 2023

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A thrilling ninety-five minute-long docu-movie titled “What Is A Woman” has gone viral, garnering over 160 million views in the first 48 hours, and sparking vitriol from the LGBTQ community after Elon Musk let it air on Twitter.

The movie stars American author and Daily Wire presenter, Matt Walsh, uses subtle satire to expose a coordinated attempt by the LGBTQ community to target, deceive and chemically castrate vulnerable innocent children through permanently damaging medical procedures.

Walsh ventures on a soul-searching mission to find the definition of the term “woman” which has had its meaning blurred and complicated over the last decade. Simple as it may sound, neither a female ‘gender reaffirming’ therapist, nor a professor in pediatrics, nor another professor in women, gender and sexuality studies could define the term.

The documentary, however, draws interesting insights on the dangerously fraudulent studies now widely accepted, which was carried out by two pedophile researchers — John Money and Alfred Kinsey.

A sociopath pedophile scientist to the core, Alfred Kinsey (1894 -1956) hated Christianity, believed a life of sexual perversion is the key to true happiness, and made it a lifelong goal to rid society of Christian values.

Kinsey drew study conclusions from convicted pedophiles and ran life-altering sexual experiments on innocent babies under one year, and concluded that humans are all sexual animals from the minute of birth to the grave.

Today, Kinsey is idolized in American culture, with over 200,000 citations, as the father of sexual liberation and sexual education.

John Money (1921 – 2006) is another sociopath scientist mentioned in Walsh’s documentary. Money first propagated the ideology that babies — despite having male or female reproductive organs—should be classified as “gender neutral” at birth. Money’s validation-seeking study on the Rhimer twins mandated multiple sexually pervasive insect acts resulting in a disastrous outcome for one twin who was forced to become a girl. Both twins later spoke out on the destruction of their life by Money and committed suicide shortly after.

Today the details of Money’s criminal studies are veiled in utter secrecy while widely parroted and adopted as a tremendous success even in legacy universities like Harvard, Oxford, and Yale.

Riding on the theories of Money and Kinsey, many Democrat-run states in America now make it a law to castrate chemically and cut off healthy private parts of kids less than 16 years — with or without their parent’s consent—once the slightest sign of a temperament suggestive of the opposite sex is observed. Ironically, it is a crime to own firearms or purchase alcohol for kids less than 16 years of age.

This is an abomination that must be eradicated.

In all, Matt Walsh brilliantly exposes how the LGBTQ movement is founded on lies, strongly manipulative of people’s feelings, exploitative of innocent children, rooted in irreversible destruction, and heavily funded for the perpetual destruction of society.

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