October 3, 2023

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Over 100 Ugandan students from across 13 universities, yesterday, took to the streets of Kampala in protest against US imminent sanctions over its recent anti-LGBT laws.

The students, who converged at the US Embassy, berated the US government for its callous attempt to weaponize tax-payer funded aids for the propagation of alien Western cultures—like a morally malevolent quid pro quo.

By an overwhelming majority, the Ugandan parliament, last month, codified into law the already-illegal act of homosexuality, adding the penalty of life sentences and then death sentences for anyone attempting to practice homosexual acts with children.

President Joe Biden in reaction, on Tuesday, denounced the ruling, calling for a repeal and threatening sanction against the East African nation.

Biden’s reaction marks the climax of hypocrisy for a nation currently in a cozy diplomatic relationship with the world’s most anti-LGBT countries—United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. All three nations have a death penalty for homosexual acts and have never been sanctioned by the US to that effect.

Such brazen lack of respect for sovereignty is peculiar to the White House increasingly lightly esteemed as a purveyor of selective justice. There are now over 4 million deaths and counting across Libya, Afghanistan and Iran, and the Middle East, courtesy of such reckless invasion.

With only two out of 54 countries on the continent upholding LGBT-friendly laws, homosexuality is at best incompatible with—and at worst abominable to—African customs and traditions.

Despite the billions of dollars doled out by Western LGBT-friendly governments to indoctrinate and propagate LGBT globally, the act has become increasingly unpopular, even for Americans who recently inflicted over $10 billion in losses on woke ‘LGBT’ brands through boycotts.

President Kaguta Museveni and the people of Uganda must be encouraged to defend their customary and democratic sovereignty. The US has neither moral standing nor imperialistic rights to dictate its affairs. The United Nations must step up to condemn the reprobate acts of power abuse and attempted undermining of sovereignty by Joe Biden and the US government.

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