October 3, 2023

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The unpardonable hypocrisy of America and the Great Britain

It is very unfortunate that America and the Great Britain have joined hands with Muhammadu Buhari to finally destroy Nigeria beyond restoration.

These two powers have been claiming to be masters of democracy while in actual sense, they have been showing colossal global deceit to some countries, especially Nigeria. It is very shocking & unbelievable that America loosely condemned the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria but at the same time gloriously and strongly congratulated Ahmed Bola Tinubu ,as Nigeria’s president elect even when America knew that Tinubu did not win, rather, is operating with the stolen mandate of Mr Peter Obi. Joe Biden had yesterday May 23rd, constituted a nine Man delegation that would honour the inauguration of Tinubu on the 29th of this month and Mr Tony Blair, the former prime minister of the Great Britain had already paid a solidarity visit to Tinubu at the defense House in Nigeria, even with the outcome of the said Presidential election. Who is fooling who?  Joe Biden ,Tony Blair and their allies, have set out to destroy Nigeria.

Finally, with Tinubu at the seat of power of the country, nemesis must definitely befall on Joe Biden,Tony Blair and their likes for supporting evil. Tinubu, Buhari ,Lai Mohammed, El- Rufai, the chief Justice of Nigeria, Abubakar Malami, Chris Ngige, five south East Governors of Nigeria etc, must not go unpunished.

Concerned citizens of Nigeria.

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