October 3, 2023

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It’s Perfectly Normal” To Stop Indoctrinating Heterosexual Children—Parent Cries Out


A middle-aged African American has gone viral after reprimanding his children’s school board council for the proliferation of sexually obscene books among kids. Mr. John, who spoke at the Ashville City parents-teachers meeting, read out cringeworthy pervert-themed lines describing sexual organ activity from the controversial book titled “It’s Perfectly Normal.”

Holding up the 89-paged Robbie Harris and Michael Emberly book, Mr. John showed pages containing graphic images of homosexual acts to attendees.

The school recommends it to 10-year-olds.

Mr. John is not alone. Thousands of American parents have raised an alarm on the brazen sexual indoctrination happening in schools. Across the UK where an elementary school kid served detention time for offering her anti-LGBT religious opinion as a response, over 57,000 citizens have signed a petition against the transgender indoctrination book titled ‘My trans teen misadventure’ by Lewis Hancock.  The book tries to sugarcoat the irreversible damage by gender reassignment procedures on teenagers.

Several weeks after, the largest educational body in the UK, the National Education Union, approved the infiltration of drag queens–a peevish lingo for masquerade feminine men exaggeratively dressed as women–into the nursery and primary schools. The aim, the NEU says, is to challenge the belief that being straight is the only normal natural way to live.

With trillions of dollars already committed to spreading the gospel of immorality and targeting vulnerable kids beyond the West, Parents are the last line of defense in protecting their children against this immoral pandemic. This is especially true for religious parents, who find the toxic LGBTQ+ agenda antithetical to their faith, and remain vocal about it to ensure their boundaries are not trampled upon by hostile radicalism codenamed “inclusivity”.

As James Hepburn remarks, “It’s a sick twist of fate to see people who have neither love nor respect for their natural body demand love and respect from others.” James has opted to homeschool his children.

For parents who cannot afford to homeschool, an approach like Mr. John, at every school, is the way to stop the indoctrination of heterosexual kids.

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