October 3, 2023

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Trump Townhall, Biden Border Crisis and the Race to 2024.

It was a missed appearance in Iowa for the 45th US President, Donald Trump, on Saturday, as an imminent storm threatened outdoor gatherings. Trump, who earlier this week caused a storm in the camp of Democrats, had promised to announce a new date for the event.


That makes two promises in a week.


The first was the promise to end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours if elected president in 2024. Trump had made this declaration four days ago, to CNN host, Caitlyn Collins,  in a town hall meeting that witnessed 3.3 million viewers—CNNs highest-ever viewership in months. Caitlyn who sought to box the embattled ex-president into either of the Russia-Ukraine corners, was surprised by his commonsensical choice for peace instead. Since the former president left office, the cable news network has struggled to stay afloat. The same can be said for America under Biden.


Biden’s policy failures have continued to transform America’s borders into a highway for crime, drug trafficking, and unchecked illegal migrant influx. Last week alone, close to 90,000 illegal migrants crossed into the US upon the expiration of Title 42 — an act that gave the border patrol powers to deport illegal migrants back to Mexico without any plea.  Now the strategy is all too familiar. With the proliferation of mail-in balloting, many believe the Democrats are taking a leaf from corrupt West African democracies to import voters for the 2024 election.


When asked how he’ll likely tackle inflation and rising energy costs. Trump responded “Drill baby, drill.” America’s carbon neutrality goal appears all too horrendously rushed under Biden, Trump added. The Septuagenarian leader had shut down licenses and drained oil reserves leading to a 250% increase in energy costs since Trump left office.


In the town hall meeting, Trump took turns dismissing the sexual allegation charges, calling out the sham J6 panel, and reiterating the 2020 presidential elections as rigged by the Democrats. The former president did not forget to take a swipe at Joe Biden for his lack of articulation and frequent teleprompter use.


Despite the seething rage and utter displeasure by many Democrats, It was a great success for Trump who seeks re-election in 2024, and ironically for CNN which may have badly missed the feeling of raking in millions of views using Trump-themed content.

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