October 3, 2023

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Man U Slims UEFA Chances, Crawl to the Finish Line Disappointing for Fans


Sunday’s game versus West Ham marked the second consecutive defeat for Manchester United as Erik TegnHag’s side hung their highly likely chance of UEFA Champions League qualification back in the balance.

A costly blunder from goalkeeper, David de Gea saw West Ham’s Sid Benrahma net the only goal of the game gifting the relegation-prone hammers a much-needed victory at the London stadium. At 63 points, Man U’s away record is a disaster. It has gained just one point from eight games against the top 10 EPL clubs.

Exhaustion, poor coordination, unseriousness—fans see all three and more in this ManU team today. Their matches have become all too boring to watch with such a wobbly attack, multiple weak goal attempts, and a lack of quality finishes. On the field of play, it’s a never-ending piss-off, with the sloppy back passes and sluggish unsuccessful attempts to win back possession. Man U needs a quality finisher, and fast.

Perhaps another less-discussed blunder in Sunday’s game was Victor Lindelof’s clear handball in the 18-yard box. The Swedish defender continues to extend subpar performance beyond the limits of tolerance, failing—like many in the team—to hold dominance, likewise Aaron Wan-Bissaka at right full-back being so ineffective in his wing and fails to attack clinically.

With the absence of Harry Maguire in Sunday’s game, fans remain convinced the English man rumored to exit this summer, is still a big problem—but not all the problem. Blunder after blunder Maguire has proven his 80 million transfer fee a costly mistake for the cash-crunched club.

A game in hand already feels too heavy for this set of young yet tired legs and with the FA Cup final against city rivals, Manchester City, less than four weeks away, Man Utd will need to get her acts together to avoid another disastrous season.

Both coach and players must look beyond the club sell-off saga and put up a consistently improved performance to finish strong these next eight games. It’s the least they can do for the patient, deserving fans.

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