October 3, 2023

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Four days ago–and two days after leaving Fox News–TV Host, Tucker Carlson broke silence, revealing what many already know: the mainstream media is irredeemably corrupt.

The 53-year-old celebrity TV host was let off his role of seven years in a highly controversial manner that has raised eyebrows around Fox News. Carlson’s departure came in the wake of a $787.5m defamation settlement made by the station to voting machines manufacturer, Dominion Voting Systems.

Fox, in a span of a week, disappointed millions of right-wing viewers twice: first disgracefully refusing to argue its case against Dominion despite evidence at its disposal, and firing Tucker Carlson whose voice, many suggest was too independent and powerful to manipulate.

Already the Rupert Murdoch company has begun to suffer losses. Close to three million viewers quit the station last week, and another $800 million was scraped off its stock value. The real loss, however, is the confidence of a growing right-wing population in search of truth. Fox, like CNN, has proven that it cares less about upholding truth and more about enriching its pockets.

Sacrificing Tucker to please big-spending left-leaning advertisers makes Fox News such a moral eyesore.

Tucker’s message against big pharmaceutical companies who collectively pushed a gene-altering, life-threatening, clinically inconclusive COVID vaccine now directly linked to millions of post-vaccination deaths and complications, must have struck a nerve.

Tucker alludes to the deadly alliance between profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies and media companies to silence life-saving information and brainwash millions of Americans.

As election season draws near, Republicans will need to quickly find another truth-telling news source to counter and expose widely parroted left-wing propaganda. Could be Newmax or OAN but it definitely needs a fearless, uncontrollable voice like Tucker.

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