October 3, 2023

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Parents Bills of Rights: Parents Should Have A Say In Their Kids Education

Despite the five Republicans that joined Democrats in voting against the legislation aimed at boosting parents’ access to information about their child’s education. House Republican passed the legislation, thereby fulfilling a midterm pledge GOP lawmakers hope will be a galvanising issue come 2024.

It is important to support the rights of parents when it comes to their children’s education. Parents have a fundamental right to be involved in their children’s academic and personal lives, including what they are taught in school, how they are taught, and what activities they are involved in.

The Parents Bill of Rights is a necessary piece of legislation that ensures that parents have a say in the decisions that affect their children’s education. The bill was introduced by Louisiana Rep. Julia Letlow who said – “This legislation is not an attempt to have Congress dictate curriculum, or determine the books in the library. Instead, this bill aims to bring more transparency and accountability to education, allowing parents to be informed, and when they have questions and concerns to lawfully bring them to their local school boards.”

Parents must be able to have open communication with teachers and administrators about what their children are learning and participating in at school. This not only helps to foster a positive learning environment but also helps to ensure that children are receiving an education that aligns with their family’s values and beliefs. This bill would prohibit selling student information and elementary schools (grades 5-8) would be required to obtain parental consent before changing a child’s pronouns or preferred name or allowing them change their sex-based accommodations, like bathrooms or locker rooms.

The Parents Bill of Rights - Cathy McMorris Rodgers

At the same time, it is important to acknowledge that not all parents will agree on every aspect of their children’s education. In these cases, teachers and administrators need to work with parents to find common ground and ensure that the best interests of the child are being met.

Also, the recent school shooting in Nashville, where three children and three adults were killed, is a tragic and devastating event in America. It is deeply concerning that such violence can occur in American schools, and it is important to condemn such actions in the strongest possible terms. The fact it was left unchecked and not condemned by most influential Americans is indeed discouraging and unacceptable. The president of USA, Joe Biden statement of prioritising “ICE CREAM” over the killing of six persons in Nashville school is considered insensible and against leadership ethics. It has shown and proven that supporters of LGBT are fighting not to publicise and stand against the killing committed by one of them.

Americans must prioritize efforts to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. This includes increasing access to mental health resources and support, promoting gun safety measures, and addressing the root causes of violence in our society. It is also important to provide support to the families and communities affected by this tragedy and to come together as a society to promote peace and understanding.

Above all, this move helps checkmate the aggressive and fast growing LGBT agenda and the incessant woke-culture and mentality trying to destabilise the world and common sense.

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