June 1, 2023

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A wave of criticism has been directed against Qatar since it was chosen to host the World Cup of football for the first time in the Middle East in 2010. Biased critics have urged teams to boycott the competition entirely, due to concerns over; among other things, how it treats migrant workers and what they term “restrictive laws”.

While one may be startled by the possibility of the tiny gulf state of about 3 million people hosting the world’s second biggest sports event besides the Olympics, the State of Qatar has shown stamina by investing $220 billion in the construction of top-notch infrastructure, including new highways, public transportation systems, hotels, sports technology, and stadia, and have been warming up for the historic event over a decade now. Therefore it is sheer wickedness for a bunch of vilifiers to attempt boycotting the tournament over trifle issues.


Yes, the Qatari government accepted part of the criticisms as constructive and introduced policies that improved workers’ welfare, particularly, increasing its minimum wage to 1000 Riyals ($275), silencing detractors, and unmasking their ulterior main disdain which is homophobia.


It is no news that some western politicians, governing bodies, and the LGBTQ community are in league to force their minority and negatively skewed practice and belief onto over 7 Billion of us on earth. A Muslim-oriented country with zero tolerance for LGBT activities hosting the world cup would be an utter bewilderment to such movements, hence the angst to boycott such. It is high time the “Queers” began to respect other people’s cultures and beliefs on sexual matters.


Soccer is a game that has united people from different walks of life and religious beliefs, hence it would be an aberration for football associations such as FIFA, UEFA, Premier League, etc., to succumb to the pressure of a small or maybe inconsequential group to impose their belief on others. Chaos and disunity are looming if all players field and filter their beliefs into the game.


Every nation has unique laws that reflect this diversity and so has Qatar. These laws occasionally highlight significant cultural values that may not reflect your own, however, must be respected. Qatar 2022 is inevitable.

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