June 1, 2023

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The Deafening Silence of CAN and the PFN over Tiinubu/APC Fake Clergy Big Lie, a real Cause for Concern

Nigerians has recently witnessed a relentless misrepresentation of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) by the Tinubu led APC Presidential Campaign which has continued unrepentantly to drag these Christian Associations into their political agenda bearing false narratives and many untruths about the Christian groups legitimising the failed muslim-muslim presidential bid of Ahmed Tinubu and his running mate.

Nigerians saw recently during the unveiling of his running mate some pictures and videos doing the rounds of Bishops and clergymen draped in robes who cannot be identified by neither CAN nor The PFN claiming to represent the Christian bodies and endorsing the candidacy of Tinubu and his running mate. There has been confirmations and video footages of these fake Bishops paid to act as delegates of these Christian Associations standing in solidarity with the Tinubu’s Presidential bid, in order to deceive Nigerians and perhaps divide the Christian vote and their bid for a fair and equitable candidate selection, which ideally should be proportionately representative of the 2 major religions in the country, a culture which has remained the norm by all political parties over the years.

But the big question remains why CAN and the Pentecostal Federation of Nigeira has not debunked these disturbing false assertions peddled by Tinubu and his associates and why they have not done anything yet to refute these allegations in stronger terms, in order to prevent such misrepresentation, division and disrespect happening in the future?

One should expect CAN and the PFN to call a world press conference and debunk these claims and in addition launch a serious enquiry to fish out, expose and bring to justice the politicians peddling such lies and the impostors posing as Clergymen misrepresenting the bodies so that the world will know them but the answer remains No. It is proper that some sort of affirmative action is taken following these claims and videos doing the rounds and if found to be false should throw into question the honesty, integrity and legitimacy of this presidential candidate who is stopping at nothing to become the leader of the great nation Nigeria either by hook or by crook.

While all the religious bodies and faiths in Nigeira are expected to remain non partisan and apolitical, why have CAN and the PFN been silent over these claims? Why have they not rebuked Tinubu and his campaign group who has made every effort to drag the name of the Associations to the mud by tagging them into their political game of shame?

The recent publishing in the Vanguard, a Nigeria newspaper has claimed again that the PFN has given their mandate and support to the Tinubu-Shettima muslim -muslim ticket. Is it to be believed that both CAN and the PFN no longer read the news or no longer have their own media representation or network to debunk such false claims or is it a case of them being compromised by the same party and politicians that has deliberately destroyed the very fabric of our nation over the last 8 years? No politician or candidate has compromised or quoted the stand of Islamic authorities and bodies in Nigeira but Christians have allowed their name to be dragged around in this manner which is a shame. If Christians are this important to the Tinubu campaign and the politics of Nigeria why then did he neglect the choice a Christian as his running mate?

It is time to unmask these masquerades and expose them for who they are, and what they represent is their treacheryband lies. Nigeria needs decent leaders to walk the
corridors of power not cheats and all Christians, Muslims and people of all faiths must ensure the choice of a leader who will change the direction of this great nation; are carefully made free of any type of bigotry. Christians must stand up and challenge any further acts of disrespect from any political party, be it Tinubu or his party of desperados. Enough is Enough.

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