June 1, 2023

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On Tuesday afternoon, 35 out of hundreds of pro-choice protesters were arrested–and released almost immediately, outside the premises of the Supreme Court. Police report that the protesters, 17 of whom were Democrat lawmakers, broke the law by defying repeated warnings to desist from obstructing vehicular traffic.

Narcissistic fibbing socialist lawmaker Alexander Ocasio-Cortez, and her counterpart Ilhan Omar–the hijab-clad terrorist apologist from Minnesota, recently booed out of a Somali music concert –were among the faces spotted outside SCOTUS.

Minutes after her arrest, Ocasio-Cortez sent an email begging for $3 per donor to pursue her pro-abortion cause.

The protest will mark the latest in a series of destructive attacks against pregnancy centres, churches and other pro-life institutions. Hundreds of properties have so far been burnt, vandalized or defaced, in a pattern significantly worse than the Jan 6th protests for which Democrat lawmakers have lavished over $2 million on a brazenly partisan anti-Trump kangaroo committee.

As Democrats continue to maintain an appearance of displeasure to stoke sentiments and gather donations from irrational abortion-lovers across America, it becomes necessary to point out that actual federal representatives elected to make laws abandoned their seats to break laws; in protest against a law that literally says ‘you can now make the abortion laws in your states.’ Make it make sense.

What is more worrisome, however, is the unwillingness of Democrats to call to order the violent and destructive ones among them. While millions of dollars is spent investigating Jan 6th, another ‘Jan 6th’ is happening right before us, and it is shockingly of less concern to leftists who swore they were deeply concerned about violence.

The stench of hypocrisy clouds the Capitol. Democrats have become the untouchables, and it is all for the most despicable reasons.

Josh Hawley must move on speedily with the bill to codify vandalization as a felony. People who desecrate the house of God must have their civil liberties utterly desecrated as a deterrent.

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