November 27, 2022

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The consistent onslaught inflicted against harmless and armless Christians across the country Nigeria, makes it clear that the Islamisation agenda is at the door step. The barbaric promoters see themselves as already behind schedule, hence all these accelerated gruesome killings of Christians, as though life isn’t sacred any more.

Just last week, the Prelate of the Methodist church Nigeria, His eminence, Samuel Kanu-Uche was abducted in Abia state while in transit. He gained his freedom few days ago after paying a huge ransom of One Hundred Million Naira (contributed solely by his church members) to the kidnappers without any government support.


He has not ceased to recount his ordeal and the indebtedness he has dragged his church into. His very clear testimonies revealed that all these kidnappers are all Fulani herdsmen whose dominance in the forest is not unknown to the Nigerian government; moreso a woefully failed government as he described it.


Before we could take a breath from the terrifying confessions of the Methodist prelate in the den of these barbaric charlatans called herdsmen, hell was let loose on Sunday 05 June, as same Fulani herdsmen went to a catholic church in Owo, Ondo state, Nigeria shooting sporadically inside the church and terminated the lives of not less than 50 Christians in a church service . Seemingly, these men are being protected by the government in a clandestine way, these conscienceless entities left without interference by any of the big-mouthed security agencies.



Who has ever heard such? Despite the consistent killings, the government deliberately decided to keep mute about the security of its citizens. What a failed state. The so called western media houses can never air such, for the whole world to see.


A good question for the United Kingdom – why keep quiet at this peculiar time? Despite the killings of people in Nigeria, the UK opens its arms by welcoming President Buhari every now and then in the guise of medical visits. Can the United Kingdom not restrict him by asking him to fix his own country?.


The US, Germany and people of good will from across the globe, should come to the aid of Nigeria and its citizens, and help Christians whose lives are seen as expendable commodities by this lethargic and paralytic government.

The Nigerian government should think of what would happen if Christians in Nigeria decide to rise, and take up arms to defend themselves. The current situation oozes of a government strong alliance with these killers to decimate Christians and scuttle Christianity as a religion – if the government continues to turn a blind eye to current realities.

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