August 13, 2022

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UK MP Tories will today pass a vote of confidence for Boris Johnson who delivered the party its greatest victory in 30 years, for attending a neighbourhood get together two years ago, which he has since apologized.

As Labour-controlled media daily overflogged Boris ‘partygate’ actions, they appear to have won the unbridled affection of 54% of Tory MPs who now call for a confidence vote, citing feedback from their constituents and polling numbers.

Apparently, Tory MPs and many voices within their constituents appear gradually conditioned by the relentless media, to hate their conservative leader, much in the same way America was riled up against Trump’s Republican party. Needless to say, America is terribly worse than it has ever been in less than two years, under an ultra-incompetent opposition leader.

Is the same fate set to play out for the UK? Are Tories doomed never to repeat and never learn from history? Here’s what Tories should know as they make their decisive vote tonight.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (BJ) has apologized. He has apologized to the Queen, to the British people and to fellow Tory members.

BJ has also paid the stipulated fine, and the current drive towards impeachment by MPs is largely engineered by labour-leaning media who weaponized their freedom of speech to disseminate an unforgiving hatred for BJ.

PM Johnson still holds the record of delivering Tories their greatest victory in over three decades. Every conservative who is a beneficiary of this victory must never forget. A powerful and preposterous media is out to poison the perception of Britons into believing PM Johnson is less capable—because he dares apologize for attending a party.

For over 100 weeks, UK left-wing mainstream media outlets have made it a daily obsession to vilify Boris Johnson, even going as far as spinning an innocent party invitation by a school kid as a cruel reminder of BJ’s past mistakes.

As Tory MPs gear up for a decisive action tonight, it must note that the cumulative disapproval received from their constituents about the PM is only a reflection of the efforts of labour-leaning media to corrupt people into disliking Johnson. Voting Boris out—Labour MPs secretly believe—is a beneficial self-annihilation for them. Sadly, there are no gains to carrying out the will of the Jeremy Corbyn- led opposition by bringing down one of the Conservative strongest voices.

It is a shame how such a trivial issue, long resolved, will resurface to tear Tories apart again, to the pleasure of a selfish and jealous, yet less powerful caucus.

Jonson’s ability to show remorse, apologize, and pay all fines lashed at him is a hallmark of a humane leader, imperfect but effective and obviously deserving of a second chance in the interest of progress for the UK.

If Tory MPs seek to see what they’d become after kicking BJ out, they can look no further than the Netanyahu’s Likud, and the US Republican party. The US is in a debilitating political, economic, and foreign policy mess, and the efforts to weaken the power of the opposition continue to wax stronger every day.

As history has shown, polls can be manipulated, and the media may spew hate, but a wake conscience will always remain unpolluted. There is a raging war in Ukraine ravaging the economic balance of the EU, and still, Britain needs a stable government to sustain hopes of post-pandemic progress. Tories, over the next few hours, must ask themselves: “is it worth doing to self-destruct the winning party over a thing as trifle as a long-passed party attendance?’
Pseudo-sanctimony aside, “herein lies the locus of your decision when you vote.”

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