June 1, 2023

Plain Truth Now

Authentic News


For the 48th month in a stretch, anti-Conservative foreign and local actors continue to pressurise lawmakers and police officers to make British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resign.

For the actors, making mounts out of a molehill seems to be an adept skill, seeing how an alleged harmless little gathering of family and close neighbours during the pandemic, with a few raised glasses, is the only thin straw these aggrieved actors erect their supposedly indelible grievances.


Boris has since apologized, paid the stipulated fine and continued in his duties as a powerful UK decision-maker, but disgruntled subordinates continue to leverage the power of puppet media houses like Sky News to overflog a dead agenda, with the ultimate intent to oust PM BJ out of Downing Street.


Seeing how Trump was sacked from the white house through premeditated electoral corruption and former Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu now remains unseated, the new world order still appears resolute in its mission to uproot every trace of conservative ideology within the corridors of global politics. Boris represents the last standing influential threat, hence the vicious attacks.


The UK Metropolitan Police and fellow parliament lawmakers must resist the urge to be used as a tool for political witch hunts in a democracy. Fellow conservatives must rally around Boris to ensure he never resigns on account of these magnified blips. BJ must be allowed to continue his duties without fear or intimidation from a Jeremy Corbyn-led witchhunt.

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