November 27, 2022

Plain Truth Now

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There is a raging war in Ukraine, global food shortages, a decisive appeal against Julian Assange’s extradition, and a kangaroo Palestinian verdict against Israel concerning slain Shireen.

There was a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas; a gruesome murder of a young Christian named Deborah by Islamic extremists in Nigeria, a devastating baby formula shortage in the US, growing antisemitism in London, and crucial questions on Myocarditis spike and other deadly side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine around the world.


There’s also global crippling inflation, threats of the ravaging Monkeypox virus heavily linked to LGBT sexual practices, deaths of babies in Somalia, unending genocide in Sudan, and China’s ignored massacre of Uyghurs.


There is all this news and so many others, yet Sky News focuses its broadcast attention on the trial of a black cat owner. For hours on a stretch, Sky News religiously televised debates over trial proceedings of the West Ham defender, Kurt Zouma, and his brother, who kicked his cat at home three months ago.


It appears utterly despicable how a media outlet of supposed repute starves its global viewers of comprehensive news coverage, especially in major global and foreign affairs, to posture itself as a renowned propagator of feline affairs.


Added to that is the relentless verbal witchhunt of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Peter Lowe and Tyron Francis choose to repeatedly rebroadcast long after all fines have been paid and restitution made.


This begs the question: what is news to Sky News? How on earth are the rest of the world on fire, and we get to be cruelly inundated with stories of a kicked cat and a harmless gathering of over 48 months ago?


Sky News continues to wreck its rickety reputation with these newfound systems of lazy journalism laced with misplaced priorities. The British news outlet is growing unpopular and must be called to order or become an expendable burden on its few loyal viewers.

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