June 1, 2023

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The world over the last few days have been treated to a spectacle of videos coming out of Palestine over the shooting and death of the Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh. The world media led by Al Jazeera, an anti-Israeli TV station owned by the Qatari State, Qatar and some Arabs went into a frenzy over the killing of Abu Akleh and as was expected weaponised the unfortunate incident as a smokescreen to escalate calls for the condemnation of Israel by all the elements seeking to delist the Israeli State from the world map. The conspiracy continue to thicken when CNN and other liberal media outlets addressed Abu Akleh as a Palestinian-American, a provocative stunt by the Liberal media to draw the attention of America to the apparent death of one of their own who they claimed died from an Israeli bullet.

Videos showed Palestinian terrorists indiscriminately firing and throwing explosives at a group of Israeli security officers operating around the Jenin refugee camp to root out terrorists and the Israelis firing back and whilst the deceased was covering the Israeli activity there, the unfortunate outcome happened.


The media failed to mention that the Israeli Government had initiated an immediate Joint investigation with the Palestinian Authorities into what led to her death and this request was swiftly rejected by the Palestinian authorities who in their machination wanted nothing else but a total condemnation of Israel by the international community without any investigation into what caused her death. This is quite telling and the question is why did they not want an investigation?


Friday the 6th of May 3 Israelis were killed and 4 others wounded by Palestinian terror in an unprovoked stabbing attack near Tel Aviv and that incident was treated with kid gloves and received less coverage as if their lives doesn’t matter just like Abu Akleh’s.


Palestinian terror has soared recently, with many such attacks witnessed inside Israel, and the recent violence at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site has received little or no condemnation.


Israel reserves the right to exist, live peaceably, and defend her territory against any external aggression as every other nation does. No nation in the world shares their capital or city with another and Israel should not be an exception.

Territories like Hebron where King David was first declared King of Israel, Jerusalem, Bethany and others in the West Bank are historic Israeli cities and must not be termed “Occupied Territories” as Palestinians, ignorant liberal media and other anti- Israeli – Pro Palestinian sentimentalists calls it. This is completely wrong, totally provoking and unacceptable and if these territories would be regarded as such, then the Palestinians are the “Occupiers” not Israel. Little surprise these issues remained unsolved till date.


This continous propaganda against Israel has to stop because it lacks fairness by all standards.


Arabs must learn to renounce their ethnocentric and chauvinistic posturing which is always at play over issues concerning Israel and the Palestinians.


The UN, the world media who waste no time to exhibit their predilection over these should also review their usage of terms when discussing Israeli-Palestinians issues or matters of territoritorial concerns.

If the world truly seeks for peace in the region, ‘truth alone’ not ‘bias’ nor ‘hypocrisy’ remains the only way out and must be embraced.

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