August 13, 2022

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Its been 35 days today since the Russian Invasion of sovereign Ukraine. The devastation and loss of lives witnessed in the early stages of this war has been unprecedented especially in the city Mariupol, Chernihiv and other northern cities. The world witnessed a premeditated destruction of infrastructure and war crimes committed by the Kremlin and their war machines without any show of remorse was evident.

To what benefit are these peace talks with Russia when Russia refused and have thwarted every attempts to deescalate this crisis which could have seen this unnecessary loss of human lives avoided.


Today no single gun shot has been fired in any of the Russian cities whilst Ukrainian cities lies in ruins. Would this latest peace talk in Turkey return the lives of the fallen innocent babies in hospitals back to them?

Inside the rubbles, bodies of civilians including children are covered with blankets and some buried under the rubble.


Many families have been left with no survivor because of the incessant deliberate bombing of civilians areas aimed at forcing Ukrainians to submit to their invaders.


Who will pay for these irreparable losses, who would rebuild homes and livelihoods destroyed? Ukrainians and Ukrainian leaders must re-evaluate these latest moves and ask the all important question, what purpose these round of peace talk serves?.


Any peace talk or ceasefire will come too late for many in Chernihiv and Mariupol.

These cities were almost totally destroyed. An unknown number of its residents already dead. The city is on Russia’s ruthless path from Belarus to Kyiv which is now surrounded and cut off.

Verified videos from Chernihiv shows what life means for the people trapped there.


Several rounds of talks were held on the Belarusian border, but there has not yet been any agreement on a ceasefire showing the dishonesty on the side of Russia.


Russia’s latest move could prove to be a decoy to regroup after suffering heavy losses in this campaign. There’s obviously some scepticism that Putin’s Russia will regroup and attack again rather than seriously engage in diplomacy or anything of that nature. The world must continue to put economics aside and defend freedom. They must continue to use punitive economic measures to seek accountability for this heinous crime against humanity. Actions have consequences. This must not be different.

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